THis week from USK VALE FOODS

THis week from USK VALE FOODS


Vacumm Packed Fresh Coley supremes, these come from the cool waters around the Shetland Islands and Norway. They’re a really cost-effective alternative to Haddock or Cod and can be cooked the same way fantastic flavour only 4.95 for 2.


Vacumm Packed  Beautiful EXTRA LARGE (serves 2-3)  fillets of natural, undyed Haddock, brined, rested and slowly smoked over oak chippings only £6.95


Vacumm Packed Sea Bass fillets in pairs only £7.95 each.


Vacumm Packed Fresh Devon dressed crab only £6.95 each


Luxury Smoked haddock and spring onion cakes x6 only £7.95 per pack


The Famous "Craigaliche" Oak Smoked Salmon slices POA.

Friday, December 14, 2018


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