New season lamb arrives at the market

Penrhiw Farm Lambs


Just our usual reminder of our market whereabouts over the weekend and next week and what we will have to offer. We will be in  Rhiwbina on Friday morning, Usk on Saturday and Riverside on Sunday then Porthcawl on Sat 23rd.  Things get a bit confusing at the end of the month as there are 5 weekends in May - but more of that nearer the time.   We will have fresh Aberdeen Angus beef, Welsh pork, mutton and the FIRST of our NEW SEASON lamb .   Chickens, eggs and faggots too.  Plenty of sausages in the deep freeze.  (I have had to accept there is no way I can make fresh sausages for the markets alongside everything else so it's frozen .......  Deliveries and collections from the farm by arrangement. 

Lambing has finished (last night)   -  it has been a good one - the lovely weather in April helped tremendously.  Lots of healthy, happy lambs playing in the fields which always look good at this time of the year when everything is so fresh and green.   We are still waiting for some cows to calve -  some are overdue, some will calve in June but we wish they would hurry up.  Also HURRY UP Flo, -  she is due on the weekend.  She has moved into her maternity accommodation  -  sounds grand but, in reality, is a large pen hastily constructed out of straw bales and sheep hurdles.  It is still far too cold for her to stay out at night and her usual stable is too small for foaling.   I will let you all know in due course !

We are rushing today to prepare the seed bed for the peas and oats  (to make into silage in August) - the aim is to sow the seed tomorrow before it rains again on Thursday.   Later with this crop than in previous years but it reflects the late spring -  should germinate rapidly and catch up as long as we get that warm soft rain we always seem to want !


Friday, May 15, 2015


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