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Corona Virus Update

We are planning to go ahead with the market this Saturday but with some modifications surrounding the current problems with Coronavirus. First of all, the tea room will be closed for the foreseeable future and the main aim of the market will be to maintain supplies for customers, sustain the incomes of producers whilst endeavouring to minimise the risk of transferring infection. There will be about half a dozen stalls operating outside the hall so there will be less congestion inside.  The object will be to maximise distancing and reduce physical contact as far as possible. There should be as many electronic payments as possible as well as pre-ordering so the transfer of goods is streamlined.


For personal protection, the hall offers hand washing with good hand dryers in the toilets. Please avoid queuing at these points as well as at the stalls and generally keep your distance from other customers.  It is an irony that the market is designed to encourage greater contact between customers and producers, which, in the current situation, is not entirely appropriate!   Every effort will be made to keep the market running and we hope that you will continue with the support you have given over the many years. There are details of which stalls will be at the market on Saturday at this link. The current arrangements may not offer the protection for those that are deemed more vulnerable to the infection and I shall be in touch about plans for the future next week. 
Welcome to this website for a Farmers' Market which had its origins as far back as 1998. The market offers many unique features not commonly found in conventional food retailing best summarized in the original objectives.
  • The market to provide for local producers to sell their produce direct to the final customer
  • The market to be in common ownership with revenues sufficient for long term sustainability.
  • the fostering of a greater understanding of the source and nature of the produce at the market
  • to minimize the environmental impact of production and distribution.
  • to support the local economy
  • to provide a  social dimension for farmers often operating in isolated circumstances.
  • to contribute to the well being of the local community.





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