Cariad handmade dog treats

I am a DEFRA registered animal food business. I have been in the process for 7 months and have finally been approved. All of my produce is made from human grade ingredients and I use free range and organic where possible. I am very much in the infant stages of the business but I am knowledgable in animal food and have recently completed a diploma in holistic canine nutrition. I am hoping to expand my produce line by early next year and be able to create a ready meal . At the moment I make several ranges of biscuit and treat. These are pre packed and sold by weight or unit. All of my products are gluten free and do not contain any added salt, sugar, additives or preservatives. These biscuits and treats are marketed to the pet owner who like to buy non commercial products for their dogs.

List of products: 

Sardine and turmeric biscuits. Small bite size treats sold in 120g bags.
Sardine and turmeric biscuits. Larger biscuits in units of 7
Cheese & Vegetable biscuits. Small bite size treats sold in 120g bags.
Cheese & Vegetable biscuits. Larger biscuits sold in units of 7
Apple & Cinnamon oaties. Small bite size treats sold in 120g bags
Apple & Cinnamon oaties. Larger size sold in units of 7
Golden paste. Sold in small jars

Future Market we shall be attending

October 21st, November 4th, November 18th, December 2nd First Christmas Market, December 16th Second Cristmas Market, December 23rd Collection and last minute shopping Market